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Want to make money from your creativity? Here's how If you're a blogger or podcaster, an artist or musician, or someone who creates any other type of online content and dream of earning income from your creative efforts, you have endless options on the Internet. But to seize them, you must become part businessperson–a creative entrepreneur. If that thought intimidates you, you're not alone. JD Frazer has been there, and he shares with you everything you must know about syndication, advertising, branding, merchandising, copyright protection, ethical considerations, how to attract consumers, and more. If you want to earn a living from what you create, here's what you need to do: * Make wise decisions that protect your intellectual property and your interests * Approach the subject of paying for content without alienating your audience * Understand the realities of self-syndication * Weigh the advantages and disadvantages of membership features on your Web site * Learn how branding and merchandising apply to your art * Be prepared for fame as well as anonymity, and the hazards of both * Recognize the ethical balance that exists between creator and consumer * Explore online resources that assist the creative entrepreneur Visit our Web site at
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