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The T800EX Digital Aluminum Tripod with 3-Way Pan/Tilt Head from Benro is an entry-level camera support that can hold up to 4.4 lb. It has 3 leg sections that are extended and held in place using flip locks, and a mid-level spreader adds overall stability. The geared center column makes adjusting your camera height quick and simple. On top of the tripod is a 3-way pan/tilt head that can be used for both videos and still photos thanks to a mounting platform that can be set to both portrait and landscape orientations. A quick release plate lets you attach and remove the camera easily, and a carrying case helps protect the tripod. T800EX Digital Aluminum Tripod Plastic Flip Locks The T800EX utilizes plastic flip locks for increased longevity and to battle "creeping". Aluminum Legs The T800EX features aluminum leg construction making it both lightweight and sturdy. 3 Way Head The T800EX kit contains a 3 way tripod head with quick release that can be used in both "portrait" and "landscape" orientation. Not only is it capable of all the adjustments necessary for still photography, but also several video movement. Mid-Level Spreader The T800EX incorporates a mid-level spreader for added stability. Aluminum Alloy Castings Benro T800EX Tripod has aluminum allows casting which is lighter in weight & provide high durability. It lends greater vibration reduction for better picture results. You can capture stable & clear images with the help of this Benro tripod. Firm Grip with NBR It enables you to carry the tripod with ease anywhere. Be it a rugged terrain or a plain ground, you can take balanced pictures by positioning your camera on this tripod. Specifications Brand Benro Model T800EX Type Tripod Head Type 3-way Pan Head Body Material Aluminum Alloy Color Black Extended Height 1460 mm Folded Height 470 mm Pan Head Movements 3 No. of Leg Sections 3 Leg Lock Type Quick Lock
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