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Brand N/A Model DF-012 Quantity 1 Piece Color Wine Red Material Garnet Gender Women Suitable for Adults Bracelet Length 20 cm Bracelet Width 0.8 cm Features With elastic bead diameter is 8mm; Adjustable size: 13.5~17cm female;Garnet also called Dark Purple Stone help people get vitality charm endurance affinity and self-efficacy bring happiness and love to you; Helpful for the health of genital system; Useful to gather strength for people who offen stays up and work overtime; Suitable for physique weak women; From the ancient Egyptian era garnet is regarded as the protective stone; Many countries named garnet as "January birthstone" it stands for loyalty friendliness and virginity in the Middle East garnet is chose as royal token; Garnet is the protective stone for female perfect as a gift for women friends. Packing List 1 x Bracelet
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