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Charles Dickens is pre-eminently the novelist of the hearth and the home. In his own days, Dickens was regarded as a radical, i.e, as a social reformer who was dissatisfied with the slow course of legislation, one who wanted to bring about rapid and radical changes to give liberty and voice to the majority of the people. But he never desired a political revolution of a thorough kind. As a social reformer, Dickens strikes us today more a conservative than a radical or even progressive. This book discusses two of his great works- David Copperfield and Great Expectations. In David Copperfield, he treats particularly evils of child labour and the reforms of school. It contains a large deal of autobiography. It is often considered to be his master piece. Great Expectations shows the evils of city life and man’s search for materialistic world which ends with disillusionment. Pip’s search for lavish life style ends tragically.This book critically evaluates major incidents, episodes , characters, and themes of these two novels. This book will be helpful to the students and researchers for detail studies.
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