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Poor or failed crop establishment may require resowing, or lead to reduced or zero crop yield and is a serious problem for crop production especially under SAT conditions. A complex interaction of factors involving seed, soil, climate, management, and soil flora and fauna determine the final field establishment. This book details new methods and studies on how to detect variations in seed vitality and how seed factors affect crop establishment under different soil conditions. It discusses: the effect of changes in the matric suction of seed test filter-paper on seed germination and water uptake; the effect of seed vigour on seedling response to the matric suction of filter paper and soil mechanical impedance; the effect of root-shoot interaction on establishment of seedlings subjected to mechanical impedance; and the effects of different amounts of planting rain on crop establishment. It is an essential reading to: seed testing laboratories; authorities involved in setting seed quality assurance standards; professionals and students in seed technology, crop science and production. Seed producers, distributors and those involved in any kind of crop research will find it useful.

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