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Recently, a new dimension of learning a second language has gained interest in the literature. The identity of learners has made its way as a concept that has become central in second language acquisition (SLA) and bilingual education research. More and more the notion that learners' identity is constructed and negotiated through language learning has become widely recognized. However, so far, few studies have focused on how learning a second language, particularly English impacts Arab learners' identity. Given the ‘magic,’ power and status associated with English as the global language, its impact may be deeper than that usually associated with foreign language learning. The purpose of this study is to explore how the level of proficiency in both Arabic and English shapes Emirate students’ perception of their identity in the United Arab Emirates public schools. The study explores high school students' linguistic preferences and language practices to assess their impact on identity construction. Data collection methods include a students' survey, interviews with students, teachers and an administrator, and ethnographic observation. Results show that students' preferences are driven.

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