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mogu universal qi standard wireless charger receiver case for iphone 5 5s black купить по лучшей цене

1. Comes with a solid red light indicator to show you whether your phone is charging. 2. This Wireless Charger pad ONLY works with fully Qi-Enabled devices like Nexus 4 Nexus 5 HTC DNA and Lumia 920 etc. So please make sure your device is Qi-enabled. 3. It will work with Samsung Note 3 / Note 2 / Galaxy S3 / S4 / iPhone4/4s/5/5S with special receiver. The package DO NOT include Receiver. 4. The distance between wireless charging pad and receiver should not exceed 10mm/0.4 inch. 5. Just place your Qi-enabled smartphone down on the pad and charging start. Please make sure to place the phone in the CENTER of the Wireless Charger. It will make higher efficiency. Qi Charging Devices compatibility list: 1. This Wireless Charger Pad works with fully Qi-enabled devices: - Nokia Lumia 920/928: Qi charge built-in - HTC 8X HTC Droid DNA HTC Rzound HTC Incredible 4G LTE: Qi charge built-in - Moto Droid Maxx Droid Mini: Qi charge built-in - Google Nexus 4 Google Nexus 5 Google Nexus 7: Qi charge built-in - LG D1L LG LTE2 LG G2: Qi charge built-in - Pentax WG-III camera: Qi charge built-in 2. It also works with devices equipped with a Qi-compatible receiver: - Samsung Galaxy Note 3/S4/S3/Note 2: Qi wireless charge receiver required - iPhone 5C/5S/5/4/4S: External receiver required - Nokia 925 Nokia 720: Qi wireless charge receiver required - Nokia 820: External receiver required
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