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Teachers’ answers to such major questions as ‘who am I?’, ‘what kind of teacher do I want to be?’, and ‘how do I see my role as a teacher?’ (Korthagen, 2004) constitute their professional identity, growing over career stages and in light of educational, cultural, and political contexts (Flores and Day, 2006). Furthermore, teaching strategies, reflectivity and affectivity build up it. However, these issues have rarely been accommodated integratedly, which motivated this study to address them through lengthy journal writing stages each followed by professional constructive feedback. So, the research question covering the continuum of development from teaching in general to reflectivity were addressed. To do so, a sample of 30 Iranian MA EFL teachers attempted RTI of Akbari et al (2010) prior to and after the experiment run through guided journal writings during a ten-session course. Each journal was analyzed based on the PPP approach and necessary constructive feedback was explicitly given in written. The data analyzed based on mixed research paradigms revealed promising results and proved the feasibility of the PID.
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