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The general objective of this exploratory study is to explore the psycho-social impacts of eve teasing on young girls.The study was conducted within 12-18 years 6o girls from 5 schools of Sylhet city choosing purposive and random sampling.The study reveals that 86.67% of the young girls faced different sorts of teasing in their life.In most cases the teasers are the young men. The reasons for indulging in eve teasing are patriarchy,illiteracy, unemployment,faulty socialization,the modern fashion of dress up,western media and sky culture,weak laws & enforcement,misuse of technology.It was found that the experiences of eve teasing were very traumatic for the victims.The respondents shared that they feel uncomfortable,insecure,less dignified,inferior humiliated, angry, degraded, scared,traumatized when they have been teased.Respondents faced insecurity to go outside.Kidnapping,acid throwing,drop out from school,early marriage,suicide etc are the social impacts of it.So the issue of eve teasing should be addressed seriously and the present study could be helpful for shaping policy against this social evil like eve teasing.

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