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The performance of industrial waste incineration bottom ash and quarry dust in controlled low-strength material (CLSM) is investigated and presented in this work. The experimental investigation was carried out in two phases; preliminary and detailed. The preliminary investigation was aimed at finding the feasibility of industrial waste incineration bottom ash in CLSM application and to study the effect of refined kaolin as an additive on the performance of CLSM. Results indicated good potential for the use of bottom ash in CLSM, the addition of refined kaolin reduced the strength, but increased the concentration of contaminants and hence use of kaolin was discontinued. The detailed investigation concentrated on the study of engineering and leaching properties of CLSM. CLSM mixtures were made using bottom ash, quarry dust and cement with strength ranging from 0.4 MPa to 8.3 MPa. Results pertaining to the behavior, performance, and environmental impact of CLSM are presented in detail. Various parameters are analyzed to evaluate the performance of incineration bottom ash and quarry dust in CLSM.

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